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61401 Dental Office

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It is a matter of truth that the easier something is to do, the more likely it is that people are willing to have it done. That’s simple enough, and it’s why we at Knox Family Dental make it easy for you get our teeth whitening treatment. Many people are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to live with the situation any longer.

When you consider all of the ways that your teeth can become stained, discolored, or dull, it’s no wonder that we get so many requests for whitening at our 61401 dental office. Tobacco, either smoked or vaped, can turn your teeth yellow or even brown. Coffee and tea are also major culprits. Millions start their day with one or the other, and iced or hot versions are consumed throughout the day. Wine, red or white, is also known to stain teeth. So is cola. Berries, curry, soy sauce, and hard candy are among the most common foods that lead people to our 61401 dental office for whitening treatment. Add in prescription medication like tetracycline, and the natural loss of enamel over time, and the picture becomes even more clear. The procedure for whitening is that you come in to have impressions taken of your teeth. These are used to make you custom-fitted whitening trays that you can use in the comfort of your home. In just a few days to a couple of weeks, you’ll notice the improvement. Don’t risk the harm that can be caused by abrasive ingredients in some store-bought products. Ours is 100% safe.

Why wait? Contact our 61401 dental office now to schedule an appointment. You’ll be that much closer to improving your smile with effects that last from a year up to several.

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